nineteeneightyninetour asked:
Do you know if any of the Toronto stations plan on doing m&g contests?? I live in New York so I don't get Canadian stations so I don't know if they are or not. Just tickets?

Hi there!

So far I’ve only seen ticket giveaways, nothing for any meet & greets yet.

If I see anything, I’ll be sure to post it!

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Anonymous asked:
You are my life saver for making this list bc I have been looking for meet and greet info for Atlanta for the past month haha I just really wanna meet Ed. So thank you for making the list :)

You’re welcome!

I’ve seen lots of people asking around about M&G opportunities, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to put out some info :)

Good luck!!

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Anonymous asked:
For the Atlanta power 96.1 meet and greet is it the day of the show and is it at the concert venue or at their studios? Also does it include concert tickets or just a meet and greet? Thanks ! :)


So far for Power Atlanta all they’ve said is that they will be announcing a Meet & Greet opportunity - they haven’t said when or where just yet.

Once they post the information I will definitely try and update the list - follow their twitter (@POWERATL) for the most up-to-date information!

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Anonymous asked:
I don't see anything about meet and greets on q102 Philly's twitter or website?

Sorry! I goofed…it’s actually Mix 106.1 

Here’s the link -

I’ll edit the post :)

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heartshapednoise asked:
Hey I saw your meet and greet list and I have a question about the atlanta one? I looked for it and I can't find anything about it on their website. If you could help me out it would mean the world. Thanks so much for even making the list bc I wouldn't have known otherwise

Sure thing!

POWERATL claims they will be posting info about tickets/meet & greet chances soon - so stay tuned to their twitter and station :)

Click Here!


And here’s the info for Q100Atlanta (tickets only I believe!)
Q100 Atlanta

Hope I helped :)

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Tickets & Meet and Greet Info!

Not sure if something like this has been done yet…but I did some research and found as many contests as I could for the US Tour dates!

Please feel free to add any that you find that aren’t on the list!

Note: These are the Twitter accounts of the stations. Their websites and info for the contests can be found in their Twitter profiles :)


Las Vegas, NV


Glendale, AZ


Kansas City, MO
@star1025 (Meet & Greet)
@channel963 (Meet & Greet)
@mix933 (Meet & Greet)


Cleveland, OH
@Q104Cleveland (Soundcheck Party)
@965KISSFM (Tickets)
@New102Cleveland (Tickets)


Columbia, MD
@Z1043 (Tickets)
@hot995 (Meet & Greet)


Philadelphia, PA
@mix1061 (Meet & Greet)
@937WSTW (Meet & Greet, tickets to show and signed guitar)


Boston, MA
@1033AmpRadio (Meet & Greet)
@Kiss108 (Meet & Greet)


Charlotte, NC
@channel961 (Tickets)


Atlanta, GA
@POWERATL (Meet & Greet)
@Q100Atlanta (Tickets)


Nashville, TN
@FM100Memphis (Meet & Greet)


Minneapolis, MN


Chicago, IL


Detroit, MI
@939TheRiver (Meet & Greet)


Not US -

Toronta, ON, CA
@Kiss925 (Tickets)
@1045ChumFM (Tickets)

My ask box is open if anyone has anyone questions! Good luck!!
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