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To the people who scream when Ed says to quiet down: Is that really what you want to be remembered for? The asshole in the back who interrupts the artist just like five fans did the night before? You’re not creative, you’re not getting noticed, you’re not brining any actual attention to yourself…

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Ed Sheeran concerts are my love language. 
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I did a thing and I don’t regret it

Steph… once I stop laughing, I will probably shake my head at you disapprovingly. Fair warning.

What? You don’t approve of Ed rocket-launching a stuffed toy off his crotch with a simple pelvic thrust? I mean..I almost peed

It’s not that I don’t approve so much as I intend to act as though I don’t approve. As soon as I stop laughing. Which I haven’t yet…
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'I became a solo musician and didn't have a band just because it's very easy for me to hop on a train with just a rucksack and a guitar and go and sleep on a mate's sofa and play a gig, than it is or me to kind of ask for bandmates (…) it's just easier to be a solo act and it was a lot more enjoyable, I don't have to care about anyone else, it's just me on my own. I've been using a loop pedal live for around six years and uh (…) so you have to be on point pretty much every single night, but I kind of enjoy that cause it makes every gig a bit more interesting.' (X)