It’s another day, that means…


Since last night’s group voting was pretty successful (Ed was in the lead for a bit!), I say we try it again throughout today!

Let’s plan a MASSIVE group vote at 9:30AM US est, 2:30PM UK!

We need to SPREAD this to other Ed voters; Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, WHEREVER.  The more people voting at the same time, the better!

General rule of thumb: Once you get blocked, it takes 2 HOURS to come off voting block.  So, if possible, let’s do our group voting in increments of 3 hours.  That way everyone who gets blocked should be in the clear to vote again.

If you can’t vote at 9:30, don’t stress, just vote whenever you can!

So, in 1 HOUR and 27 MINUTES, everyone, on all teams, should start voting!

It worked great last night, let’s do it again!

And don’t forget to spread the word!

TIP:If you make a post about a group vote, DON’T tag Ed Sheeran.  Last night the Paramore fans got a hold of our plan for times and did the same thing we did, which is why we keep going down!

EDIT: Let’s try and use the tag “edsheeranftw” for these posts.  And maybe instead of Ed Sheeran, use Teddy Sheeran, since a lot of other fans wouldn’t think to check that tag!


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